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I have been dealing with the representation of abstract microcosms and topologies for a number of years and I am presenting a small part here of my graphic work. 3D body scans and photogrammetry are the basis for my portraits and nudes. My series "The smallest Hanseatic city in the world" and "Show window Lübeck" show models of buildings and streets, which were also created by photogrammetry from the real motifs and then manipulated.

akt auf hocker 3 stephan buth
3D-Scans nude
portrait africa stephan buth
3D-Scans Portrait
Grafiken mit abstrakten Motiven
graphics organic macros
schnee stephan buth
graphics topologies
rust and flowers stephan buth
photos Hinterhof – Fotos aus Lübeck
Die kleinste Hansestadt der Welt - Schiffergesellschaft
3D-Scans, Grafiken The smallest Hanseatic city in the world
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